Patients Comments

Ear Infection

I was amazed how quick the results were for my acute ear infection. I am now continuing with Homeopathy for my health.


I am pleased I have used Homeopathy for my Anxiety it works really well.


The pain and discomfort I endured for several months due to diverticulitis was relieved with the help of Homeopathic intervention. For which I am very grateful.

Alternative Medicine

It is a good alternative medicine, it definitely works for me and my general health.

Chronic Arthritic Pain

A friend introduced me to Homeopathy and Lucille, whom I have seen on a regular basis for just over a year for chronic arthritic pain and all that comes with it. I have had positive results and I can’t imagine my life without it. I haven’t looked back.

Flush, Headaches, Lack of sleep

After suffering for quite some time with hot flushes, headaches, lack of sleep, irritability, tiredness, and anxiety I am relieved to say my symptoms have radically improved after just one course of treatment! I’d most certainly recommend trying Homeopathy with Lucille to my friends and family.

very compassionate

I have had now a few visits to Lucille and I am progressing very well. I can highly recommend her as she listens, advises and is very compassionate about the problems you may have. If you get a chance to go to one of her evening talks they are relaxed, friendly and informative

I was at the end of my tether when a friend told me about Lucille Cowell.

I was navigating IBS and 23 symptoms of Menopause but as a Breast Cancer patient was not allowed HRT.  A hospital consultant advised me to read up on natural therapies to see if they could help with my symptoms.  I was reluctant to decide myself the best remedies to use.

I had a consultation with Lucille, and we discussed me.  1.5 hours later I left with a sleep remedy, one for fatigue, a pro-biotic and a powder to help with menopause symptoms.

The improvement was life changing.

The pro-biotic has helped with my varied digestive problems and with fatigue and I continue to take this daily.   The drops that help with fatigue have been a game changer to brain fog and tiredness – I still take this but tend to only need one dose a day.  The powder for other menopause symptoms has improved my outlook and helped with many of the symptoms I have been suffering with for 3 years, including hot flushes and night sweats.   I cannot thank Lucille enough.  😊

‘I had been dealing with feeling anxious in certain situations but didn’t want to take prescribed medication if possible. It was getting me down and I had a big life event coming up that I felt my anxiety would ruin. My wife suggested me seeing Lucille as she helped her mum a lot with another condition. Lucille was kind, patient and approachable and seemed to know very quickly why I got the symptoms I did. We tried a few remedies and in the end settled on some homeopathic tablets which worked instantly and so effectively. I’ve not had the symptoms I went in with since using this. I would highly recommend Lucille.’ 

*The testimonials are from Patients I have helped they do not imply that a particular homeopathic medicine can cure a specific medical condition as this is not how Homeopathy works . They have however experienced an apparent benefit from using Homeopathy.